Sagas of a Kindred Heart

Kerina has always found refuge in Vienna, a city as beautiful and mysterious as she is. Here she can lose herself n the music she loves and be acclaimed as one of the world's great violinists. But though the blue mist above the Danube River comforts Kerina, it cannot completely veil her past. Memories plague her from another time, another place, and a baby's cry pierces her heart.

Though an ocean lies between them, Kerina's destiny is intertwined with Ashley Reynolds, a fading American beauty whose marriage is crumbling under the weight of the secret she shares with Kerina. When an extraordinary young man comes of age, he unknowingly brings these tow womeen together again to face the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Against a dramatic canvas of music, art, and intrigue, this enveloping story tells of one woman's odyssey to make sense of the secrets that haunt her soul.

"Doris Elaine Fell is a masterful storyteller who emblazons her literary landscapes with unforgettable characters...and exotic locales...Blue Mist on the Danube, is a delicious reading experience, whetting the appetite for more."
  — Carole Gift Page

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