Autumn Deception

Seasons of Intrigue: Volume 3
To Catch the Summer Wind
The Race for Autumn's Glory

The past collides with the present in Autumn Deception, the third collection and final installment in the Seasons of Intrigue series. In To Catch The Summer Wind, Columbia grad student Chase Evans moves from academia to anarcy as she investigates the mysterious life--and death--of political suspense author Olivia Renway. Only an unlikely trio--Renway's grandson; a clever matriarch; and ex-CIA agent Drew Gregory-- can help Chase separate fact from fiction ... before it's too late! In The Race fFor Autumn's Glory, the fabled Tour de France will be a collision course with danger for cyclist Ian Kendall--unless his love, Chase Evans, and Drew Gregory can target the masterminds behind a most dangerous "game" of high stakes revenge. These tales of intrigue in the face of spiritual integrigty are guaranteed to grip all fans of literary suspense.


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