Seasons of Intrigue: Book One

The Iraqi terrorist lifts his Uzi automatic and centers it on Andrea. In front of her lies the blood-stained body of the American ambassador. Too panic-stricken to pray, her mouth too dry to form even a child's prayer, Andrea stands still, paralyzed by fear. Nothing in her life has prepared her for this.

Then a cry boomerangs above the chaos, "Kusa. Kusa." A flicker of indecision crosses the gunman's face. In an instant he pulls Andrea in front of him. Then just as quickly, he releases her and breaks into a run.

Later, Andrea is shocked to discover that she is a suspect in the killing. Wanted by the CIA and the French police, she realizes she must flee Paris. Her career depends on it.

With CIA agent Drew Gregory hot on her trail, she escapes to Canada with her only Parisian friend, Ryan Ebsworth--never suspecting that he is a terrorist deeply involved in the assassination plot. Businessman Sherm Prescott is close behind, drawn into the plot by the circumstances of his wife's death.

As the conspiracy unravels, Andrea and Sherm find themselves increasingly attracted to each other. Their deepening relationship forces Andrea to face her misplaced priorities and her neglected relationship with God. But will she turn her life around before it's too late?

This trip may not only cost Andrea her job,
but her life.

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