Gary D. Crocker

Employment History

4/1/06 to Present
"Retired" (but not really)
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9/19/2003 to 3/31/2006
Manufacturing Engineer - The Boeing Company

6/20/2003 to 9/18/2003
Mechanical/Structural Planner  - The Boeing Company

2/21/2002 to 6/19/2003
Multimedia Developer  - Crocker Media Expressions
  • Developed and maintain the web site for Bethany Bible Fellowship
  • Prepared out-of-print book Black Cats and Dumbos: WWII's Fighting PBYs   for republication. This involved use of OCR technology, Adobe software PhotoShop, InDesign, and Acrobat to prepare the 296 page book for printing. It also required coordination with R. R. Bowker for the ISBN, the Library of Congress for its cataloging there, and establishing an account with a book printing service.
  • Set up and continue to develop a web site to promote the above book.
  • Setting up a web site for Crocker Media Expressions to announce and promote new multimedia products and services.

8/21/2001 to 2/21/2002
Mechanical/Structural Planner  - The Boeing Company
  • Reviewed and Updated C17 Tubing and Ducting Plans

7/2/2001 to 8/20/2001
Quality Specialist 2  - IT Services, Inc. (Client: The Boeing Company)
  • Reviewed Planning for Quality requirements
  • Created First Article Inspection Requests

8/23/2000 to 3/30/2001
Quality Specialist 2  - Chipton Ross, Inc. (Client: The Boeing Company)
  • Researched and assembled Quality documents for work transfer project
  • Reviewed Planning for Quality requirements
  • Revised Quality Engineering Charts
  • Performed Process Control Assessment Audits

1/12/1987 to 1/4/2000
Mechanical/Structural Planner Sr.  - The Boeing Company
Composites/Non-Metallics Planning
Analyzed complex blueprints and specifications for a variety of non-metallic details and assemblies and created fabrication plans based on this analysis.  Examples.
Created flow charts of proposed sequencing for some of the more complex assemblies and coordinated these flows with Design Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering and shop management.
Prepared extensive Excel workbooks for tracking out-time of perishable materials.
  • Self Directed Work Team leader
  • TQMS tiger team member
  • Non-Metallics SPC team leader

7/1985 to 1/1987
Manufacturing Planner  - Hitco
Composites Planning
Responsible for the maintenance of planning for fabrication of the Flap Track Fairings for the Boeing 767. This involved approximately 150 plans covering prepreg layup of hybrid assemblies, bulkhead assemblies and final assembly and painting of the finished fairing.

9/1979 - 7/1985
Teacher  - Westminster Christian Schools
Science Teacher - Junior High
Taught Science, Study Skills (grades 6 thru 8), and Bible (home room - grade 8). Yearbook Editor - including photography and darkroom work.

11/1978 - 9/1979
Maintenance Man  - Westminster Christian Schools
General maintenance, remodeling and janitorial duties.

9/1976 - 1/1978
Minister of Outreach  - Bethany Bible Fellowship
Led visitation program. Wrote public relations articles.

1/1971 - 8/1976
Distribution Clerk  - US Postal Service
Sorted mail.

1/1966 - 10/1969
Communications Operations Specialist  - USAF
Held Security Clearance. Honorably discharged.