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Gary D. Crocker

Planning Experience
Detail oriented Senior Manufacturing Planner experienced in planning a wide variety of structures and assemblies ranging from simple detail parts to complex assemblies. These include metal tube and duct assemblies, large and small composite assemblies, insulation blankets for space and aircraft, cork insulation, adhesive bonding of metallic & non-metallic details and assemblies. The variety of materials and processes involved often required quickly learning new processes and their relevant specifications. A team player. Performed many duties normally associated with Manufacturing Engineering, including assembly breakdown, preplanning and liaison. Created complex Excel workbooks to simplify the tracking of perishable material. Developed innovative tracking tools in Excel that provided summary level information and reports regarding critical hardware to program management.
Composite Payload Fairings for Delta II, Delta III and Delta IV Medium    (Links are to Boeing's website.)
Created original planning for very large composite payload fairing shells. . . . In addition to planning, prepared extensive Excel worksheets for use in conjunction with composite fairing fabrication order to track out-time for prepreg and other atmosphere sensitive materials to warn of potential violations.
Delta III Composite Interstage
This is a large 'soup can' approximately 13 feet in diameter constructed of graphite/epoxy prepreg over a foam core. (Ref: Item 14 on Delta III drawing.)
Delta III Composite Centerbody
Solid laminated conic section transitioning between 8 and 13 foot sections of rocket
Delta III and Delta IV Payload Attach Assemblies
Graphite/Epoxy with foam core support for payload
Delta II Iridium and Globalstar Dispensers
Graphite/Epoxy solid laminated conic sections that support cylindrical dispenser for multiple spacecraft
Ulysses (PAM-S) Insulation Blankets
Created original planning for Multi-Layer Insulation blankets. Organized many complex blankets into a hierarchy of similarities for quicker planning. Coordinated the planning of these blankets among other planners. Acted as liaison between the engineer and the operators in the manufacture of the the blankets for the unique heat requirements of the mission.     See comments of program manager.
Mast Mounted Site
Worked as a member of the Nonverifiable Processes team to develop Controlled Manufacturing Instructions for the layup and cure of the MMS composite shrouds and post.
  • Bonded Skin Panels - Bonded metal skins for engine pylons.
  • Composite Ducts - graphite/epoxy composite laminated ducts
  • Quartermaster workstation panel assemblies - Phenolic/Honeycomb sandwich construction
    Planned a set of large, thick insulation blankets for ground support of Hedi while it was fueled for flight. Provided an interface between the manufacturing operator and the engineer.
    Delta II Cork insulation kit
    Planned Cork Insulation kit for engine section of the Delta 2 rocket. This is a complex set of panel assemblies and details that protect the aft end of the rocket from its own flames on the pad during launch.
    DC-X (Delta Clipper)
    Composite Heat Shield
    Space Station
    Created planning for the ASSEM Box cushion assemblies. This was a set of boxes to hold and stow tools for an early space station development project designed to give the astronauts practice with station assembly in space. (STS-49)
  • Radomes
  • Insulation Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Floor Panels

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