Seasons of Intrigue: Book Two

Twenty-six-year-old Robyn Gregory and her mother, owners of an exclusive art shoppe in Beverly Hills, have traveled to Zurich on business. But this is no ordinary business trip. Accused of selling forgeries, they've come to Switzerland to clear their name and uncover the truth.

Robyn has also come to clear her questions about the past, but to do that she must find her father. He alone knows why he left her and her mother without a word. He alone can help erase her bitterness at having to grow up without him.

What Robyn and her mtoher don't know is that their arrival in Zurich places them in a dangerous web constructed by businessman Harland Smith. He has lured the Gregory women overseas where he can more easliy threaten them—all to get at the CIA agent who forced him into exile; Robyn's dad, Drew Gregory.

In Drew's search for the forgery ringleaders, and his attempts to protect his family and clear his own name in an Agency frame-up, he faces a poignant reunion with the daughter he has not seen for sixteen years. Robyn has many questions, but the one foremost on her mind is one she's afraid to ask: Will he keep his long-ago promise to climb "Heidi's mountain" with her before winter comes?

Her only hope is to settle the memories of her family's past—
before her heart turns cold.

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