Sagas of a Kindred Heart

Rachel McCully, a university professor, lives for her career, mountain trips, and summer holidays abroad. When suddenly faced with a grim diagnosis, she resolves to fulfill two promises — one made to her sister, Larea, and one to Sinclair Wakefield, a man who captured her heart nearly a decade before.

Returning to the Cotswolds of England, Sinclair's childhood home, Rachel hopes to reconcile with her former love. But Sinclair's circumstances make the timing questionable, and she is swept away by another plan to bring the pieces of her life together.

Rachel invites a group of former students to a grand reunion. Gathering at a mansion in England's fabled Lake District, old friends and lovers see each other for the first time in years. Wounds reopen and relationships renew, hearts are broken and mended. But when expensive paintings disappear from the mansion, the reunion takes on startling new dimensions.

Book Cover: Sunrise on Stradbury Square


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